Any woman is eligible to join. Once you become a member of Who's New, you can remain in the organization as long as you like and be involved in as many or as few interest groups as you prefer. Membership requires payment of annual dues.

  • Any woman is eligible to join.
  • Annual dues are $25. 
  • The deadline for annual membership renewal is August 31. All members must renew by August 31 unless their join date is after June 30 of the current year.
  • Participation in activities and interest groups is open to all paid members. Individuals whose membership has lapsed may not participate until the annual dues and reinstatement fees are paid.


  • ​​​​Annual dues are not refundable under any circumstances.
  • A reinstatement fee of $15.00, in addition to the annual dues, is required of all members whose membership has laps​ed.​ 
  • The directory and email addresses of our members are to be used for Who's New business ONLY and are not to be used for solicitation or promotional purposes of any kind.
  • Soliciting at any Who's New in Madison interest group or event is not permitted.